Remlinger Planter & Drill Attachments -
2-Bar Tine Harrow

Remlinger 2-Bar Tine Harrow mounts on most conventional, 3-point and no-till drills. This attachment helps to cover seed and spread residue to provide uniform field conditions. Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

Key Benefits

• Available in 2 bar mounted designs
• 12-3/4" long tines
• 0.262" diameter wire
• Covers seed for more consistent seedbed
• Promotes optimum germination
• Spreads residue to provide uniform field conditions
• Mounts on most conventional, 3 point and no till drills
• Folding designs available on most models
• Folding design standard on the JD 750 drill
• When ordering please specify drill make, model and width

2-Bar Tine Harrow Attachment