Remlinger Ag Products - Plastic Cross Auger

Plastic Cross Augers are time saving accessories which allow you to auger bulk fertilizer quickly & easily into your corn planter. Whether you have a simple rigid planter or a more complicated unit like the KINZE 3600 flex planter, Remlinger makes a cross auger to fill it.

Our Plastic Cross Augers feature a heavy gauge PVC tube with a polyethylene plastic hopper & drops, plastic flighting with a stainless steel hex shaft & motor coupler.

Remlinger's white PVC auger tube has a thicker wall than augers made from black ABS and does not lose its rigidity in the sunlight. Most black ABS augers need a support brace to keep from sagging. The steel posts & cross arms are constructed out of 2” heavy gauge tubing. 50% heavier than the competition.

6” diameter augers are available for most 4, 6, 8, 12 & 16 row corn planters. (Wide & Narrow)

When ordering please specify planter make, model, number of rows & row spacing.

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