Remlinger Ag Products -
Plastic Ultra-Glide Augers

Remlinger's Ultra Glide Auger features a heavy gauge PVC tube with a polyethylene plastic spout, inlet & hopper shell. A flexible connection between the auger inlet & the hopper, along with our EZ-swing cable system allows the auger to glide from side to side. To clean out, simply remove the 3" threaded plastic cap at the bottom of the auger tube.

The white PVC auger tube has a thicker wall than augers made from black ABS and does not lose its rigidity in the sunlight. Most black ABS augers need a support brace to keep from sagging.

Our main advantage over the competition is that as the auger is swung from side to side, the auger spout remains pointing down. This allows for proper flow with less chance of plugging. Most competitive augers have spouts that rotate up as the auger is moved right or left of its center position.

Remlinger Ultra Glide Augers are available in 6" diameter x 12', 14' & 15' lengths.

Four flighting options are available. 5-5/8” plastic, 5” cupped plastic, 5-5/8” bristle & 5-5/8” cupped steel.

The standard hopper fits on gravity boxes with a sloped door side & doors up to 38½” wide.

Options include, 3 stage telescopic downspouts, 60" hopper for larger door openings, electric on/off control kits & mounting kits for gravity boxes with a straight door side.

When ordering please specify gravity box make & model. Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability. Back to main Augers Products page.