Remlinger Manufacturing Celebrates
50 Years in 2014

Remlinger Manufacturing will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014. Founded by Wilbur Remlinger in 1964, the first piece of farm equipment sold by the company was for the tomato industry. The company began selling winches and corner irons to hold tomato boxes on straight trucks for delivery to processing plants. In 1966 the first mounted harrows and a pull type land leveler was added to Remlinger’s product line.

Today, Remlinger Manufacturing is made of three divisions: an agricultural division for designing and manufacturing farm equipment; a division for the PFM line of products offering other agricultural related products; and a contract manufacturing division providing custom welding, fabricating and machining.  John Remlinger, President of Remlinger Manufacturing, said, “I think my father would truly be proud of what this company has become from the dedicated effort of all of our employees.” 

Remlinger Manufacturing celebrates 50 years in 2014
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