Bale Slicer from Remlinger Manufacturing

Remlinger Manufacturing offers the PFM Series 600 Bale Slicer to cut bales of hay, straw and silage quickly and efficiently for indoor or outdoor feeding or bedding for dairy or beef cattle and other animals.  Features four bale spears to securely carry bales from storage to feeding locations.  Designed to fit skid steer loaders, with an optional 3-point hitch built to fit all category 2-3 tractors.

Remlinger Manufacturing is made of three divisions: an agricultural division for designing and manufacturing farm equipment; a division for the PFM line of products offering other agricultural related products such as power ditchers, rock pickers, bale slicers, screening buckets and post/tree pullers; a contract manufacturing division providing custom welding, fabricating and machining.

Bale Slicer from Remlinger
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