Remlinger Adds Manufacturing Space

Remlinger Manufacturing announces its plans to expand with the addition of 44,000 square feet of manufacturing space at its Kalida, OH facility.  The new space will be used for production by all of Remlinger’s three divisions. 

The agricultural division designs and manufactures farm equipment including harrows, pull type implements, strip till, planter and drill attachments and grain and fertilizer handling.  A second division of Remlinger is the PFM product line and includes agricultural related products such as power ditchers, rock pickers, bale slicers, screening buckets and post/tree pullers.  A third contract manufacturing division offers custom welding, fabricating and machining.

For more information contact:
Remlinger Manufacturing
16394 U.S. 224, Kalida, OH 45853 
Phone: 800.537.7370, Fax: 419.532.2244
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