Spring Tine Harrows from Remlinger

The 3 or 4 Bar Spring Tine Harrows from Remlinger Manufacturing are designed to mount on field cultivators, discs and other secondary tillage tools. These harrows help to break clods and incorporate chemicals, all in one pass. Finer soil is allowed to settle below for a firmer seed bed.  An independent tine bar angle adjustment design allows these spring tine harrows to be adjusted to go through the toughest residue situations. Excellent in heavy stalks and extreme trash conditions.

Other features include 18” spring tine, adjustable spring tension mounting arms and available adapter kits to mount on most makes and models of disks and disk chisels. Harrow sizes range from 4’ up to 12’ in 16” increments.

Spring Tine Harrows from Remlinger
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