Remlinger Planter & Drill Attachments - Roller Harrow for No-Till Drills

Remlinger Roller Harrow for No-Till Drills mount on most 3-point and no-till drills. The roller firms the seed bed and enhances incorporation. Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

Key Benefits

• Single 12" roller with spring tension mounting arms
• 8 high carbon spiral blades
• No center shaft, thus allowing for better soil and residue flow
• Massive greaseable flanged disk bearings
• Roller can be set in Passive Mode - maintains maximum soil firming
• Roller can be set in Aggressive Mode - maintains maximum soil shattering
• Firms seed bed
• Enhances incorporation
• Available with optional 2 bar tine harrow
• Available with optional shields
• Mount on most 3 point and no till drills
• Harrow sizes range from 3' 6" up to 6' 6" in 9" increments
• When ordering please specify drill make, model and width

Roller harrows for no-till drills.