Remlinger Ag Products -
Plastic Single Auger Seed-Fills

The 15' Single Auger Seed-Fills is designed to store within the transport width of the seed drill & swings out to a fill position. The auger remains stationary while the telescoping 3-stage downspout allows you to easily reach the seed compartments.

Flighting options include 5" cupped plastic, 5-5/8" cupped steel, 5-5/8" straight blade plastic & 5-5/8" bristle flighting.

Solid flighting such as the 5” cupped plastic is the preference of seed growers. The auger empties completely allowing for different seed varieties to be moved without contamination.

18’ Single Auger Seed-Fills are available for 20’ John Deere 750/1560/1590 No-Till Drills. John Deere 1790 Planters, CIH 1240/1245 Pivot Planters, CIH 500T Disk Drills, New Holland 280P/2085P Disk Drills & Kinze 3600/3660 ASD Planters.

When ordering please specify planter/drill make, model & width. Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability. Back to main Auger Products page.