Remlinger Territory Representatives

Click on a state abbreviation in the map below to find the representative and contact information. For states in gold, contact Remlinger. For Canadian provinces, click here.

Find the representative in your area. Wisconsin - Traeder Enterprises Inc. Virginia - Gary Hansford Sales Inc. Texas - Big T & KF Enterprises Inc. Tennessee - RLN Marketing South Dakota - McDaniel Sales South Carolina - J.De Supply, Inc. Pennsylvania - Gary Hansford Sales Inc. Oklahoma - KF Enterprises Nebraska - Waechter Sales & Marketing Inc. North Dakota - McDanaiel Sales North Carolina - J. De Supply, Inc. Mississippi - RLN Marketing Missouri - Kreig Sales Co., Inc. Minnesota - McDaniel Sales Maryland - Gary Hansford Sales Inc. Louisiana - RLN Marketing Kentucky - RLN Marketing Illinois - Dow Marketing Group Iowa - RM Enterprises Georgia - Chapman Marketing Florida - Chapman Marketing Delaware - Gary Hansford Sales Inc. Arkansas - RLN Marketing Alabama - Chapman Marketing