Agricultural Products

Within our agricultural division, Remlinger designs and manufactures farm tillage equipment, with over 50 years of experience. The company’s early years were primarily dedicated to manufacturing spike tooth harrows for field cultivators and disks. In 1980, a Danish tine field cultivator, packer wheel combination became Remlinger’s first complete tool. As the farming industry evolved, Remlinger Manufacturing has met the needs for new attachments on a wide variety of tillage tools serving farmers all across the United States, as well as around the globe.

Remlinger Manufacturing offers custom fit, custom built, harrow attachments. We build flexible spike, rolling basket, spring tine and combination harrows. We fit feild cultivators, disks, rippers – virtually all vertical tillage implements.

Industry Exclusive! Features an industry first heavy duty double bar roller. A 12″ diameter flat bar roller along with a 5/8″ diameter solid round bar provides a more durable roller with increased soil action vs. our competitors.

Remlinger’s 9400 cultivator builds the perfect seedbed. Patented, wrenchless adjustments make the 9400 the easiest cultivator on the market to adjust. Creates a bed with furrow bottoms that are firm and ridge shoulders that are uniform.Use one cultivator from beginning to lay-by.

A Better Seed Bed, for a Better Bottom Line – Across Australia, Kelly Harrows are known for their reliability, strength and practicality, Kelly Engineering, along with Remlinger Manufacturing, is proud to offer our superior range of Diamond Chain Harrows to farmers in the United States.

Remlinger’s original Precision Strip Till row unit was farmer inspired and tested. The new “Strip Builder” PST has the same great features as the original. However, with feedback from our many satisfied customers, we have improved upon the original for years of hassle free operation.

Remlinger’s Roller Harrow for No-Till Drills mount on most 3-point and no-till drills, the roller firms the seed bed and enchances incorporation. Our 2-Bar Tine Harrows mount on most conventional, 3-point and no-till drills, helps to cover seed and spread residue to provide uniform field conditions.

Remlinger Manufacturing Co. introduces their new 2300 Series line of no-till drills, in 5′ through 15′ sizes. Small seed and native grass boxes are also available.

Remlinger Manufacturing offers the PFM belt driven power ditchers in both a center cut and offset model for simple, economical field water control. Cutting ditches up to 12″ deep in a single pass with excellent results in most soil conditions.

Remlinger Manufacturing offers the PFM Series 600 Bale Slicer for indoor/outdoor feeding or bedding of dairy or beef cattle. Picks up, carries and slices bales with minimum downtime and service.

Remlinger Manufacturing offers the PFM Series 500 hydraulic powered Rock Picker as a simple, economical approach to continuous picking machines for stones, rocks, windrows and boulders.

Remlinger Manufacturing offers the PFM Series 700 Screening Bucket for skid steers loaders, one of the strongest, most durable on the market. By compacting and screening at the site, contractors can prepare sub-grade surfaces. Utility and trenching contractors can screen bedding material.

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