Remlinger’s original Precision Strip Till Row Unit was farmer inspired and tested. The new “Strip Builder” PST has the same great features as the original. However, with feedback from our many satisfied customers, we have improved upon the original for years of hassle free operation.

Our Product Line

  • Available with shear bolt protection
  • Available with “true” spring reset protection
  • Parallel links on each row unit, allow for a more uniform depth
  • Available 4, 6, and 8 row toolbars
  • 30″, 38″, and 40″ rows
  • Row markers available
  • Special applications available upon request
  • Available 8 and 12 row vertical folding toolbars
  • 30″, 38″, and 40″ rows
  • Row markers available
  • Special applications available upon request

See it in Action!


  • Jimmy B. Miller
    I purchased my 4 row Remlinger Precision Strip Till (PST) in the spring of 2004. I used the unit on 350 of my cotton acres just before planting in April and May.150 of these acres were strip tilled into the old cotton row. The other 200 plus acres were strip tilled into a rye cover crop 3 weeks after burn down. I am well pleased with the way my cotton came out of the ground and the tap root was going straight down without turning lateral, which has been a problem with continuous no till cotton. I have experimented in the past years with Para till plows and some row till units, but was not pleased with the results due to the plow being too heavy and too long. The prepared strip was too wide and deep for the sandy loam soil that I have. This would sometimes cause excessive erosion and the row area would fall in after heavy rains. At this time my Strip Tilled cotton looks much better than my No Till cotton planted in May. I have great expectations for my 2004 strip till cotton.
    Jimmy B. Miller
    Boaz, Alabama
  • Mark Bryant
    Bryant Ag Enterprises has used a 24 row - 60 foot PST toolbar for the past 4 seasons. The first year we used a competitors toolbar and row units on about 600 acres. We were not satisfied with the competitions unit so we bought Remlinger PST row units and ran about 1200 acres. In 2002 Remlinger made a 24 row - 60 foot Front Folding Toolbar for us. We used this bar on 1200 acres in the fall and 900 acres in the spring. In the fall of 2003 we used the Remlinger machine on 3200 acres and could not be more satisfied with it. The bar is very heavily made and well put together. We plan on adding a liquid fertilizer pump and tank to apply our starter fertilizer in the fall for 2005 corn crop.
    Mark Bryant
    Washington C.H., OH