Key Benefits

  • Ideal for landscaping, farms, industrial uses, golf courses, baseball fields, beaches and more
  • Screen dirt, gravel, sand, demolition debris, large rocks and other materials
  • Fits most skid steer loaders with bi-directional auxiliary hydraulics. Case drain is required.
  • Quick-change replaceable screen cloth available in various opening sizes
  • The hydraulic vibrator with greaseable bearings provides power to shake
    heavy materials
  • An adjustable flow divider with a pressure relief valve allows fine-tuning of vibrator speed to match the hydraulics of the skid loader
  • Simple, rugged design results in minimum downtime for service and maintenance

Remlinger Manufacturing offers the PFM Series 700 Screening Bucket for skid steer loaders, one of the strongest, most durable on the market. By compacting and screening at the site, contractors can prepare sub-grade surfaces. Utility and trenching contractors can screen bedding material. Investing in a PFM Screening Bucket will greatly increase the speed of screening any type of rubble or rock type materials.

See it in action!