Remlinger Manufacturing offers the Ninja Cover Crop Crimper for a simple and effective cover crop management tool. With increased demand for organic foods and a decrease in herbicide supplies, the need for a dependable cover crop crimper has never been greater. While working with no-till and organic farmers in search of a solution to manage cover crops without tillage or the use of chemicals, the Ninja was born.

Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, the Ninja Roller Crimper features 3/8” thick chevron pattern blades for smooth rolling and heavier bearings than competitors. Its chevron blades roll smooth and lay residue down to the ground before crimping. The laid down residue will form a weed suppressing matte, conserve soil moisture, and increase organic matter.

This roller crimper is commonly used to terminate cereal rye, hairy vetch, triticale, and more.

Key Benefits

  • Available sizes range from 5′ to 20′ in rigid models with more to come
  • 3/8″ thick chevron pattern blades
  • Innovative blade design
  • High point load at blade edge
  • Adjustable weight by adding and removing water
  • Oversized heavy duty greaseable bearings
  • Low maintenance
  • Standard light kit
  • High quality gloss black and tan paint
  • Terminate cover crops without chemicals or tillage
  • Decrease soil erosion
  • Suppress weeds
  • Conserve soil moisture
  • Increase organic matter

See Results!

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June 2

Soybeans are planted in standing 80 lb/acre rye then Ninja crimped immediately after beans are planted. Nearly 100% of rye is laid down.

After Crimping

June 20

Soybeans emerging through the rye with little to no weed pressure. Rye is mostly dead after Ninja crimped.

18 Days After Crimping

July 10

Rye is 100% killed where Ninja was used. Still little to no weed pressure due to the mat of rye. Beans benefit from an increase in biomatter.

1 Month After Crimping

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