Agricultural Division

Within our agricultural division, Remlinger designs and manufactures farm tillage equipment, with over 50 years of experience. The company's early years were primarily dedicated to manufacturing spike tooth harrows for field cultivators and disks. In 1980, a Danish tine field cultivator, packer wheel combination became Remlinger's first complete tool. As the farming industry evolved, Remlinger Manufacturing has met the needs for new attachments on a wide variety of tillage tools serving farmers all across the United States, as well as around the globe.

Mounted Harrows

NEW! Hydraulic roller control for disc harrows
• 3 bar spring tine harrow with single roller combination
• 3 or 4 spring tine harrow
• 3 bar roller flex harrow
• Flexible & heavy-duty flexible angle iron harrows
• Double roller harrow
• 1 bar with single or double roller harrows
• 1 bar harrow
• Chisel plow leveler
Mounted harrows.Mounted harrow attachments.
Pull Type Implements

• 3500 Rolling Finisher
3500 Rolling Finisher from Remlinger
9400 Cultivator

• Built for speed and taking out weeds
• Wheels may be adjusted for depth using the special 9400 adjustment tool
• Shank may be moved back and forth to improve soil flow
9400 Cultivator allows you to travel  through the fields at top speeds.
Strip Till

• Precision strip till row units
• Precision strip till (PST) row unit options
• Precision strip till (PST) rigid toolbars
• Precision strip till (PST) vertical folding toolbars
Strip till equipment.
Drill Attachments

• Roller harrow for no-till drill
• 2 bar tine harrow
Planter and drill attachments.
Drill Parts Manuals

• Marliss Soybean & Grain Drills
• Remlinger Models 2055 & 2100 Drills
• Remlinger Model 2300 Drill
Drill parts manuals for Marliss and Remlinger