Remlinger Mounted Harrows -
Chisel Plow Leveler

Remlinger's chisel plow leveler mounts on disks chisels and other primary tillage tools. The attachment helps to reduce ridges and erosion. Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability. View literature.

Key Benefits

• Available in single row s-tine mounted designs
• Heavy 12mm x 45mm x 26" s-tine with 7" duckfoot sweeps
• Reduces ridges made by chisel plow shovels
• Leaves surface residue to reduce soil erosion
• Provides smoother field operation during spring tillage
• Available with optional ratchet jack height adjustment
• Available with optional one bar harrow
• Mounts on most types of disks chisels and other primary tillage tools
• When ordering please specify implement make, model, cut width, base width & frame size

Chisel Plow Leveler, harrow attachment.