PFM Division

In the winter of 2010 Remlinger Manufacturing purchased it's first company - PFM. The purchase of PFM added an entire line of agricultural related products and broadened the Remlinger product base, confirming our dedication to providing farmers with the tools and services they require.
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Power Ditchers

• Cuts a single uniform ditch in most heavy clay or rocky soil conditions
• Designed to cut down irrigation levees
• Increases yield for all types of crops
Power ditchers.
Rock Picker

• Simple, economical approach for picking stones, rocks, windrows and boulders.
• Rugged, double wrap-around frame
Rock picker from Remlinger
Screening Bucket

• Ideal for commercial and residential landscaping, farms, industrial uses, golf courses, baseball fields, beaches and many more applications
• Screens dirt, gravel, sand, demolition debris, large rocks and more
Screening bucket.
Post/Tree Puller

• Excellent for tree nurseries and similar applications
• Pulls trees from 1" to 6" diameter and posts from 1" to 12" diameter with the high lifting capacity on tractor 3 point and skid steer loaders
Post puller and tree puller attachment.
Fork Bucket

• Skid steer designed for numerous applications
• Economical approach to digging,picking, loading & leveling
Skid steer fork bucket.
Bale Slicer

• Cuts bales of hay, straw or silage efficiently
• For indoor/outdoor feeding or bedding for dairy or beef cattle
Bale slicer attachment.
Tine Rock Bucket

• Fits all skid steer loaders for rock picking, landscaping and manure removal
• Rock shield protects operator
Tine rock buckets from Remlinger.
Root Grapple Bucket

• For cleaning brush, roots, rubble and concrete from construction and land clearing projects
Root grapple buckets.