Remlinger Mounted Harrows -
One Bar

Remlinger's One Bar Harrow mounts on field cultivators, disk and other secondary tillage tools. The attachment breaks clods, churns the soil and incorporates chemicals. Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability. View literature.

Key Benefits

• Available in one bar mounted designs
• 13" angled tooth
• 7/8" diameter tooth with two mounting bolts
• 6" teeth spacing
• Heavy 2" tension spring
• Telescoping mounting arms adjust from 24" - 30"
• Mounts on most types of tillage tools
• Harrow sizes range from 3' up to 9' in 12" increments
• Coupled harrow sizes range from 10' up to 12' in 12" increments
• 2 mounting arms per single harrow size
• 3 mounting arms per coupled harrow size
• When ordering please specify implement make, model, cut width, base width & frame size

One Bar Mounted Harrow Attachment.