The “Original” Remlinger Precision Strip Till (PST) row unit was farmer inspired and tested. The new “Strip Builder” PST still has the same great features as the original. However; with feedback and input from our many satisfied customers; we have improved upon the original for years of hassle free operation.

The PST creates residue free, planting strips. As the strips are created, apply NH3, dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizer or any combination in one pass. These strips provide better soil aeration and quicker spring warm up. Quicker spring warm up allows earlier planting, faster emergence and better stands. Add up all of these features and you can see how the Remlinger PST can lead to higher yields.

Key Benefits

  • 5″, 6 1/2″ and 8″ depth settings
  • 15″ floating trash wheels
  • Heavy duty 17″ or 20″ coulter and 18″ Turbo Blade with dual depth band
  • Heat Treated Ripper Points
  • 18″ adjustable notched or smooth closing disk
  • Parallel links on each row to provide a more uniform depth control
  • Optional shear bolt shank design
  • Optional “true” spring reset shank design – no need to lift the row off the ground to reset
  • Optional NH3, dry fertilizer tube, liquid fertilizer tube or any combination
  • Provides better soil aeration
  • Quicker spring warm up allows earlier planting
  • Faster crop emergence and better, fuller stands
  • All of these benefits lead to better yields

"Strip Builder" Improvements

  • Computer Aided Design produces a sleeker more stylish row unit
  • 4″ added trash clearance between cutting coulter and shank
  • Heavy Duty 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ parallel link bars with 3/4″ pivot bolts
  • Parallel Links pivot on 3/4″ pivot bolts
  • Wrap around mounting bracket design relieves pressure on mounting bolts
  • 1″ additional trash wheel depth

Available Options

Equip your Remlinger Precision Strip Till (PST) to fit your specifications. Apply fertilizer in the strip or condition the ground behind the rows. Whether it be a fall or spring application, we have the right equipment for your needs.

Standard Row Unit
Strip Till Strip Freshener
Freshener Row Unit

Closing Disk Options

18" concave notched disk blade, std.
18″ concave notched disk blade (std.)
Traight Blade with 7 degree camber
Straight blade with 7 degree camber
18" 12 wave coulter
18″ 12 wave coulter
18" concave smooth disk blade
18″ concave smooth disk blade

Conditioning Rolling Baskets

12 Inch Straight Blade Roller

12" Dia. Straight Blade Roller
Spring usage, best if used just prior to planting. Reduces clods and produces a firm seedbed.

12 Inch Contoured Blade Roller

12" Dia. Contoured Blade Roller
Spring & fall usage, general purpose. Produces a raised strip, reduces drying and warming times in the spring.

Additional Options

Cutting Coulters

20″ Straight Fluted Coulter (std.)
Spring and fall usage, general purpose coulter. Cuts deeper into heavy soils, reduces slabbing.

17″ Turbo Blade Coulter
Spring usage, best if used just prior to planting. Works a 2″ wide band of soil, produces fines to help reduce voids in the strip.


2″ Wide Ripper Point (std.) & 1-3/4″ Wide Ripper Point
Spring and fall usage, general purpose point.

2″ Wide Ripper Point with Fin & 1-3/4″ Wide Ripper Point with Fin
Reduces slabing by slicing through the soil as the point lifts.

Fertilizer Tubes

  • NH3 & dry combination
  • NH3 & liquid combination

Depth Band Scrapers

Remove mud buildup and the row depth bands.

Down Pressure Springs

Hard compound soils, add more penetrating power to each row.