Remlinger’s 1 Bar with Single Roller Harrow mounts on field cultivators and other straight frame secondary tillage tools, also available on disks. The attachment combines two tools into one. The 1 bar breaks clods, churns the soil and incorporates chemicals.

The single roller harrow penetrates up to 2″ deep, mixing and firming the soil. The unique design allows the roller to operate in either aggressive or passive. The unique mounting arm design allows each tool to perform independently of the other.

Key Benefits

  • Formed “C” channel design
  • 13″ angled tooth
  • 7/8″ diameter tooth with two mounting bolts
  • 6″ teeth spacing
  • Single 12″ roller with spring tension mounting arms
  • Each section has two mounting arms with adjustable spring pressure
  • 8 high carbon spiral blades
  • No center shaft, thus allowing for better soil and residue flow
  • Tillxtreme Bearing – Greaseless
  • Roller can be set in Passive Mode – maintains maximum soil firming
  • Roller can be set in Aggressive Mode – maintains maximum soil shattering
  • Break clods and level soil in one pass
  • Excellent performance in conservation tillage
  • Standard mounting arms fit 2-1/2″, 3″ and 4″ tall frames without adapters
  • Mounts on most types of straight frame tillage tools
  • Harrow sizes range from 3′ 6″ up to 6′ 6″ in 9″ increments
  • Available with Heavy Duty Double Bar Roller

When ordering, please specify implement make, model, cut width, base width & frame size.

See it in action!